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Splash Screens

Anniversary Splash Screen
Halloween Splash Screen


Halloween Background

Background for the Halloween update

Aladdin Background

Background for an Aladdin inspired region in the main game

Candy Tournament

Tournament Trophies

Trophies for each tournament

Background Sketches
Jellybean Background
Gumdrop Background

In this feature players try to compete for a higher score in candy themed tournaments. We decided to assign a color to each tournament so that the trophies, backgrounds, and UI elements all connect to each other, creating a visual language as a result. For example, the Jelly Bean Tournament has a trophy with a green icon, ribbons, and background color.

I created a quick and rough flow mockup in order to communicate the idea with the rest of the team. The final UI and flow for these screens were created by Kiki Ho.

Tournament Flow Mockup

King of the Hill

Map Screen

King of the Hill Map

Treasure Opening Screen

Chest Screen

In this mode, players try to survive multiple levels to reach the top of the hill. I was in charge of the background for this new feature and designed it in alignment with Priscillia Pun's UI, making sure that it would read well and avoid tangents or other design issues. I took some of the game's puzzle pieces as motifs for the pillars and added some of the shape language from the map onto the treasure chest.

Animation Ready

This is how the treasure chest was taken apart in order to get it ready for animation. I always consult with the Animation team or the Animator who will work on it to ensure that all parts are separated correctly. I created both the closed and open states.

Chest Texture Atlas

Chest Texture Atlas

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